When people ask me what I do for work, my usual answer is “I build whips.” After a short explanation, their next question is, “What kind of people buy whips?”  The answer…Indiana Jones fans, Zorro fans, actors, performers, teachers, production companies, martial artists, ranchers (real cowboys), firemen, service men, college professors, jugglers, knife throwers, lawyers, engineers, whip enthusiasts…the list goes on.

To date, we’ve built & sold over 1000 whips to people of various backgrounds. Here’s a sample of some testimonials from a few of these fine people.

Hello Steve,
the whip has reached me today….i just can say…WOW…very good work. (as all the whips I’ve seen from you)
I wish you a very nice X-mas and a happy new year…
Thanks for all…
Greets Jörg


Hi Steve,

I received the whip yesterday. It’s beautiful. I still got it: I
cracked the whip and it surprised me how loud it was. I’ll have a lot
of fun showing my colleagues and students.

Thanks again,


In a word: WOW!

In four words: You are a genius 🙂

Seriously, this is a piece of art. I have to post on COW when I get a chance. I’m blown away by the tight braid and handle. It looks like roo from a few feet away.

Thanks again,


 Here’s a link to that video that I made today:


Feel free to use it if you like,

Thanks again for a wonderful whip!



 JUST GOT It in today!!!

WOW is this one AWESOME whip!
I have gotten pretty used to my 6 ft that I have from Steven, but this baby is BEAST!
Its a bit heavier, and the foot of extra length (7 ft) makes a differnece as well..
I took it out to crack it a bit and WOW, it fires off like a shotgun blast with little or no effort at all!
The 12″ handle adds that nice bit of extra leverage that really does the work for you on cracks!

Steven, I am SO impressed with this whip! I Never thought I would fall in love with a nylon whip the way i have with this one! The plaiting is really nice and ridiculously TIGHT!
Also, the chrome/silver accents make it “pretty” the floral concho on the end is really nice as well! I have a feeling my wife might want this one…

David S.


 I took out the whip I use all the time. it’s an black and white ebony handle 7 footer and your nylon whip and put them both on my scale. The nylon came in about 1/2 oz lighter. The handles are the same diameter and about as long. If I didn’t know better I would have thought you took the measurements and weight of my favorite whip and made yours to match. it is absolutely perfect for me. I will for sure be using this whip in my shows this summer.

You make one hell of a fine whip!


(Skip SanSoucie, Handmade Whips)


“The Standard X is a brillant whip.  A work of art.  Well worth the wait.  The transition is reinforced beyond any reasonable expectation, and I’ve become a better whip artist just by picking it up.  Combos I could not achieve with my old whip now come easily, and with a few more cracks after. You’re gonna need hearing protection.  Do not delay…get this whip now.”

Phil S.