Standard Snakewhip

The Standard Snakes are built much the same as the Standard Bulls. The main difference, as with all snakewhips, is the absence of the stiff handle. This makes the whip completely flexible throughout. These snakes contain 2 plaited bellies over a bb-loaded core, with a finished overlay of 16 strands in 1 or 2 colors. A 4 plait flat handle strap can be added upon request for an additional $10. Those without straps, as the snake pictured below, contain a nickel-plated concho in the base of the handle. 

Pictured is an 8 foot Standard Snake in solid black. Overall length with fall & cracker make it roughly 10 1/2 feet. 

8 ft Standard Snake



6 foot………..$160.00

7 foot………….175.00

8 foot………….195.00

*Longer snakes can also be made upon request. For pricing details on longer whips, please Contact Us.