Here’s the latest snakewhip model from Noreast WhipsThe Rufsnake™. The Rufsnake™ is constructed with a heavy 6 mm size steel shot core, 12 plait belly & finished with a 16 plait overlay. Side by side, this snakewhip appears similar to the Standard Snakewhip from Noreast Whips, but differs in the size of the shot used in the core, as well as having one belly instead of two. It’s a heavy whip, cracks easily & budget-friendly. The Rufsnake™ is a solid whip, cracks easily & is available in 4, 5 & 6 ft lengths.


Whip pictured is a black Rufsnake™ 4 ft long, measured from the butt to fall hitch; fall & cracker make the overall length roughly 6 1/2 feet. Base is finished with either a nickel-plated concho or 4 strand flat braided strap. To have a handle strap attached, cost is an additional $10.


4 ft…….$120

5 ft………130

6 ft………140