6 ft Standard Snake/Black & Navy

Snakewhips are measured from the butt to the end of the braided portion. The fall & cracker will add anywhere from 2-3 feet to the whip’s overall length, depending on the size whip. 
The Baby Snakes contain 1 plaited belly with an overlay of 12 strands. The Standard Snakeswill have 2 plaited bellies, the same as the Standard Bulls. These whips are very flexible and crack as well as any whip made.
The newest line of snakewhips from Noreast Whips is that of the Rufsnake whips. These are constructed with an ecord core, one belly & a 16 plait overlay. They are a bit stiffer at the start than Standard Snakes, but break in nicely over time & crack effortlessly.
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