Polyester Whips

Polyester Whips Are Not Currently Available


Synthetic whips have continued making improvements by branching out with materials other than nylonparacord. A material that has been used by a few whipmakers over the past year or so is polyester. The brand name of the thread that’s used in the construction of this poly is known as Dacron. 
The poly material is narrower than the nylon normally used in nylon whips. This requires more strands to cover the work that’s plaited. A 12 strand nylon whip will need 16 strands of poly for the overlay, & a 16 plait nylon whip will require 20 strands of poly. The higher number of strands means a smoother rollout & a more fluid movement of the whip. This produces a more responsive whip & one that resembles more the movement of a finely crafted roohide whip. The Noreast Whips Standard X Bull now features a polyester overlay.
Baby Snakes & Baby Bulls are now available with the polyester overlay also. They’re pictured at the bottom of their respective pages. Check them out!