The Viper

This is a 2011 addition to Noreast Whips called The Viper. It’s similar to both a Baby Bull & Baby Snake, yet has a new ‘twist’ to it. It contains a bit more weight than a Baby Snake & is quicker in action than a Baby Bull. It  measures 3 1/2 feet from butt to twisted end & features an integrated fall. This means that there is no fall hitch. The fall itself is a strand of the overlay that’s carried through the twisted end of the whip. Whip measures 54 inches overall.

The Viper has a 3 inch steel pin inserted into the butt end, contains a bb-loaded core, one plaited belly with a final overlay in 12 strands. Whip pictured is black & burgundy in a running-v pattern.

Price……………$95 + shipping