The Showman

The next generation in Pipe-Whips.

Introducing The Showman, basically another pipe-whip but with a unique design. Pipe-whips are modified versions of the ever popular Florida Cowwhip. The main difference being the handle material. Cowwhips are built with wooden handles, the pipe-whips use pvc for the handle. Up till now, the pipe whip designs have been built with two pieces of pvc material:  a coupling attached to the end of a section of pipe. The Noreast Whips pipe whip version has a one piece pvc handle. The end which accepts the plaited thong, called by many as the cup, has been flared out to a larger diameter than the remainder of the pipe. A hole is drilled about two inches from the end of the pipe to attach the thong to the handle. This one piece design eliminates the need for a coupling & gluing the two pieces together. It also allows the handle to be a little lighter in weight.

Performance-wise, The Showman handles very well, & I’m happy with this whip model. It’s light & fast; paired together with another, makes for a great pair in two-handed whip performances. The butt of the handle is weighted with the insertion of a wooden dowel. The handle itself is painted with glossy black, then half-plaited in 16 strands of paracord & features two turk’s head knots:  the heel knot & one on the flared portion, which I’m calling the ‘cup knot’. The Showman, like most Noreast Whips models, is available in one or two colors. Thong lengths available are 4, 5 & 6 feet. Please note that the thong lengths are measured only. The handle is available in 18-20 inch lengths. A 6 ft whip with 18 inch handle measures roughly 10 feet. The point of the whip is finished with a traditional fall hitch.  


4 ft…………$150

5 ft…………..175

6 ft………….200