Nylon Whips Aren’t Cheap

Many times I’ve received emails from customers telling me how friends of theirs or others have told them that nylon whips should be lower in price, and that too many nylon whips are becoming more expensive. Nylon whips have long since been associated with lower costs & economical. Because of this, I now feel compelled to come to the rescue of all nylon whipmakers. Yet quality-built nylon whips are not cheap in labor, and therefore, shouldn’t be priced as such. Let me share with you just a few points on why I believe that nylon whip prices are rising, and why in fact, I feel that these price increases are justified.

  1. Demand> You’ve all heard it before; with the growth in demand comes the inevitable increase in prices. Nylon whips have been an option for quite some time, close to 4 decades actually. This last decade has seen, in my opinion, a boom in nylon whip sales. I feel that this next decade will be even greater. Nylon is more popular than ever in constructing bullwhips, snakewhips, signalwhips & stockwhips. Their function & durability have reached a level that surpasses many so-called quality leather whips on the market today. With increasing demands, well, you know as with anything, prices will follow suite.
  2. Quality>The cost of a material to build a good, functional whip doesn’t determine how much time or skill is needed in building that whip. Just because nylon paracord is less costly than cowhide or kangaroo hide, this doesn’t mean that a whipmaker is any less attentive or patient in constructing a quality whip. Quality is time-earned, meaning it takes time, patience & practice to achieve the level that produces a repeatable & consistent product.
  3. Time>Why should a whipmaker’s time not be considered as important because he chooses to build a whip with a less expensive material? To me this makes no sense. I’ve built both nylon & leather whips for sale, and have now for 5 years. In all honesty, the time needed to build a good leather whip & a good nylon whip is almost the same. There’s a little more time involved with leather whips, but only because there’s some added steps, which in fact, some whipmakers don’t even practice. But with experience, this time difference becomes even smaller. My time making a nylon whip shouldn’t be worth any less than when I’m building a leather whip. Yes, the materials vary in price greatly, but my time is the same.
  4. Comparison>Over the last several years I’ve seen a plethora of whips filling the market. Some of these are good quality, others are not. If I feel that a certain seller of whips, who’s importing whips from over the border, is selling a product at a price which I feel doesn’t match the quality of the product being sold, then my whips become more valuable. This isn’t only my view, but according to the countless reviews I read on an almost daily basis from people buying inferior whips, I see many dissatisfied customers. Manufacturers are constantly measuring the quality of their goods against another manufacturer’s. This has always been the case, and I suspect always will be.
  5. Staying Power>This is something I truly believe. Nylon whips aren’t going away. Their demand is increasing because the popularity in nylon whips is growing. There aren’t many materials that are as limitless in applications as paracord. Its use is so relevant for today’s industries. Find a more timely material, one that’s as durable & functional as paracord and better suited for today’s conditions, and that’s what the next generation of whipmakers will be using. For now at least, nylon is here to stay.

These are just a few thoughts on the relevance & worth of nylon whips in today’s market. No doubt, more can be said on this subject. Hopefully this article will help give a little better understanding in why nylon whips shouldn’t be priced so low as to degrade the patience & quality of work that goes into building them.


  1. Glen says:

    I worked with leather in high school and now that I have retired from 30 years in the military, I make whips and other plaited items. Family Christmas presents only.

    Your website is a wonderful source of information! It is one of the best that I have seen. Your advice is well written and right on target for anyone interested in purchasing or making a whip. It is succinct and yet gives someone a great overview.

    Thanks for the information!


  2. Steve says:

    Hi Glen,

    Thanks for the comment & kind words; I appreciate you taking the time to visit the site & give your thoughts! Thank you also for your service to our country, that means a lot to me. Glad you’re keeping busy after retirement. If you have any questions about anything you find here or on the blog, feel free to send them on. Enjoy your upcoming summer!
    ~Steve Huntress,
    Noreast Whips.

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