The Trident

 Price $150

Trident~Noreast Whips


The Trident is an idea that’s derived partly from the Cat O’ Nine Tails, a whip which many whipmakers over the years have built. I had a slightly different notion, one that more or less resembled a pitchfork with 3 tines. In my mind, the image of the mythic Neptune holding his trident, is sort of what I had in mind, yet in whip form. From this, The Trident was born.

The Trident is started in similar construction to a snakewhip, having a bb-loaded core. An 8 plait belly covers the core, then a final overlay in 12 strands. From the butt to the end of the 12 plait portion, it measures 2 ft. Beyond that point, the overlay is divided into 3 separate 4 plait thongs; the center thong measuring 12 inches, the remaining 2 are 9 inches each. Each thong ends in a terminal knot, with a single strand extending another 12 inches. This is how the whip is finished. A nylon cracker can be attached to each of the strand ends. The Trident also features two turk’s head knots, both 7 x 6 with a pineapple interweave.