The Cutter


The Cutter is a bullwhip specifically designed for target cutting & wraps. All of the bullwhips we build are unique in their action & handling. The 12 plait nylons are excellent for younger whipcrackers & those with smaller hands. The Standard Bull is a great all-around whip for general whipcracking. The Theme Whips are a bit heavier & slower moving, good for targets, wraps & character costumes. The Martial Arts Bull fits the needs for performing artists & in self defense applications. Yet there didn’t exist a whip from Noreast Whips made specifically for performing target cutting & wraps, not until now.

Introducing The Cutter, new for 2017. It’s built on a 11 inch long 3/8 diameter steel handle foundation, contains a 6 mm bb core, one plaited belly and a 16 plait overlay. The construction for The Cutter is very similar to the 6 mil Indy bullwhips and Cattleman whips. It’s built heavier than the Standard Bulls and is finished with a leather fall. The leather used for the fall is black latigo, redhide or whitehide, depending on what’s available. 


6 foot……….$170

7 foot…………185

8 foot…………200

9 foot…………230

10 foot……….250

*Prices listed don’t include a handle strap attached. If you’d like a handle strap, a $10 fee is added.

Please Contact Me for additional information on whips longer than 10 feet.