Martial Arts Bull


For several years, we’ve been building whips for practicing martial artists & those for self defense applications. Many different models were built, in order to meet various demands. In 2011, Noreast Whips has settled on a model that we believe fits these needs.
Built on an 8 inch solid steel handle, the Noreast Whips MA Bullwhip contains a 6 mil bb-loaded core, 1 plaited belly & a 16 plait nylon overlay. Plaited length measures 4 ft, 6 inches; roughly 7 ft overall. The belly has been bound tightly its entire length, producing a fast & responsive whip.
A bit more weight is used in the core assembly, yet lead is no longer used in the butt end. This produces a whip with a slight nose-heavy feel that cracks with ease. You can read more about the Noreast Whips MA Bull on the blog.

Price:  $155 + shipping





Several months ago you made me a MA Bull in OD green with BLK highlights in the knots. Now that I have the MA Bull just about broke in I wanted to let you know how I think you have hit the nail on the head!!!  I saw that you have put it on your site, that’s great!!  I love mine and will want another soon. I think it is perfect for the specialized task it was built for. I think anyone who gets one will be surprised that once it is broke in, it cracks loud and powerful, strikingly so for it size.


Whether you want a whip for martial art purposes (demonstrations, etc) or if you are a whip enthusiast and would like “the one to keep with you” this is a great choice.


I have found that if you have it in a forward spin, either on one side or in an X pattern and do a “flick” out of the spin, it produces a very powerful crack. I think close if not equal to my six footer. Turning it around and holding it by the thong in “flail” or “nun chuck” mode works very well too. Very good weight. The handle is not as heavy as a “black jack” but it would be a little more difficult to swing for a lot of people if it was.


Again, great job, thank you.


( My opinion is based on 29 years in the martial arts, and 21 years in law enforcement, the past 12 as a defensive tactics instructor. )


Contact you real soon.