Here are a couple of 2010’s additions to the Noreast Whips lineup, The Lumberjack & The Lumberjack, Jr. The woody bullwhip has been an icon in American whipmaking. The handles for the Noreast Whips versions are turned by a skilled craftsman in Connecticut named Victor “Skip” San Soucie of They’re hand turned from either cherry, walnut or purpleheart. TheLumberjack pictured above features a cherry handle, while the pic of the LJ, Jr. features a walnut handle. Please contact me for wood availability.

The Lumberjack contains a double-bellied thong plaited over a bb-loaded core attached to an 11 inch wooden handle, of which 8 1/4 inches are exposed. I’m happy with how this whip performs; it throws straight & cracks with ease; the weight is similar to that of the Standard Bullwhips, The 16 plait whip is available in one or two colors, as most of the models here at Noreast Whips

The Lumberjack, Jr. is a 12 plait thong attached to a smaller wooden handle. It contains a bb-loaded core, over which is plaited an 8 strand belly, followed by the 12 plait overlay in one or two colors. The weight of the LJ Jr. is very much like the 12 plait bullwhips. The handle is roughly 11 inches with 8 inches exposed. It’s thinner & lighter in weight than the 16 plait version.


Lumberjack Prices (16 plait)

6 ft…………200


7 ft…………230


8 ft…………255

LumberjackJr. Prices (12 plait)

4 ft……..$150


5 ft……….160


6 ft……….175