DeLongis Style Bullwhip

7 ft DeLongis Bull

This is the DeLongis Style Bullwhip, made to replicate the model whip which Terry Jacka builds for famed actor & stuntman Anthony DeLongis. It’s built on a 13.5 inch steel handle, contains a shot-loaded core, two plaited bellies & a 16 plait overlay. It’s finished off with a 3 ft black latigo fall, a 5×4 turk’s head knot of two passes at the transition & a 7×6 turk’s head of two passes for the butt knot. The handle strap is a 4 strand flat braid. The whip pictured above has a black thong with red highlights in the knots.

The DeLongis Bullwhip is built for speed & accuracy, excellent for fast routines & target cutting. The extra length of the handle affords the user much more leverage & is simply very easy to crack. The whip has become a very popular item this year from Noreast Whips, even before its appearance here on the website. To read more about the nylon DeLongis style bullwhip & see it in action on video, check out theNoreast Whips Blog.




6 ft……….$220


7 ft…………245


8 ft…………270


9 ft…………295


10 ft……….320