The Companion is a short whip that can be coiled & carried or thrown in a pack while on a hike or on a walk with the dog. A bit longer & harder hitting than a Baby Bull, The Companion packs a loud crack in a small package.

Built on a 6 inch 3/8 solid steel foundation, The Companion contains a 6 mm shot-loaded core that’s layered & bolstered, then finished with a 12 plait overlay in one or two colors of your choice. A third color can be added for $10. This is a fun little whip that can be used to brush up on your target-cutting while out in the woods or for personal defense from potential predators. Whip features a single strand fall with traditional fall hitch & black nylon cracker. Whip measures 42 inches from butt to fall hitch, roughly 66 inches overall.