The entry level whip of Noreast Whips is The Catalyst. It’s made for the beginning whipcracker, with as low a price as possible, while still maintaining the qualities of a good nylon whip. This is not a wall hanger, nor is it a cheaply made prop. You’ll be hard pressed to find a synthetic whip at this price that will outperform The Catalyst.

The Catalyst has recently undergone some improvements. To achieve the improvements desired, some changes were made to the whip’s construction. The result is a better whip for the same price.  Here are some of the features of The Catalyst:


  • Steel tube for handle, 10 inches. 
  • E-cord core. Gives more support & better weight distribution.
  • Half-plaited belly in 8 strands.
  • 14 strand overlay in nylon or polyester paracord.
  • Faster action.

The Catalyst is available in a 6 foot length only, in your choice of black, dark brown, chocolate brown or tan. Total length of whip will be just over 8 feet. A second highlight color of your choice can be added to the knots. Whip pictured above is plaited in dark brown with tan highlights.

Price:  $140