‘6 Mil’ eBay Indys

Noreast Whips '6 Mil Core' Raiders Bullwhip

Noreast Whips ‘6 Mil Core’ Raiders Bullwhip

New for 2015 from Noreast Whips is an Indy Style bullwhip with a modified ‘6 mil’ core. They’ve been termed eBay Indys, as many of these bulls have sold on eBay over the last several months. Up until now, they’ve only been available through eBay or Amazon, but are now offered on the main site.

These bullwhips are built on a 10 inch long, 3/8 inch diameter solid steel handle, contain larger 6mm sized bbs, one plaited belly in 12 strands & are overlaid in 16 strands of American-made nylon paracord. The 6 mil bbs make for a larger size diameter core, as well as provide more weight to the whip. This eliminates the need for an 8 plait belly, as is found in the 16 plait Standard Bullwhips & Raiders Indy Theme Bulls.

The purpose behind the 6 mil Indy style whips was to offer a lower-cost alternative to the Raiders, Young Indy & Crystal Skull Indiana Jones Theme bullwhips. By using one plaited belly, less time & materials are used. The changes in the construction of these whips has produced a high-quality, but more price-friendly whip that cracks very easily. Read more about the new 6 mil Indys on the Noreast Whips Blog.

If you’re interested in one of these whips, check the Off The Shelf page for any in stock, or contact me at noreastwhips@gmail.com.



6 foot……………140.00

7 foot……………160.00

8 foot……………175.00

9 foot……………200.00

10 foot………….230.00

Please Contact Me for additional information on whips longer than 10 feet.