12 Plait Bulls


The 12 Plait Bullwhips are built much the same way as the Baby Bulls & Baby Snakes. They contain either a shot-loaded (bb-loaded) or e-cord core, layering, 1 plaited belly with a final overlay in 12 strands. Because they’re 12 plait and not 16 as the Tufwhips & Standard Whips, they are a bit slimmer in diameter & lighter in weight. The result is a very light & responsive whip.

 The 12 Plaiters come in 4, 5 & 6 foot lengths. They are good starter whips, especially for children or people with smaller hands, as the handle diameters are smaller than the 16 plait whips. They are lightweight but still crack very easily.

Steven,   Thank you for an excellent product.  I am very happy and impressed with the quality of these whips. I am thrilled to finally own my very first custom made bullwhip! Thanks again.

~Mark M.


4 foot……………..$115.00
5 foot……………….125.00

6 foot……………….140.00

*Prices listed don’t include a handle strap attached. If you’d like a handle strap, a $10 fee is added.