Keep It Crackin’ Maintenance Kit

Keep It Crackin' Nylon Whip Maintenance Kit

Introducing The Keep It Crackin’ Whip Maintenance Kit.  Kit includes 2 spare falls, 5 black nylon crackers & a lacing fid from Osborne tools. The kit is available with either nylon falls or heavy duty latigo falls. Nylon falls are 22 inches, whereas the latigo falls are roughly 3 feet.

The fid is an excellent tool for undoing knots that form in your whip fall or cracker, changing the cracker or fall on your whip, as well as repairing or retying the turk’s head knots on your whip. A fid is an invaluable tool for all whipmakers & whipcrackers. It can be purchased either separately or with the maintenance kit.

*Price below doesn’t include shipping.

Kit with Leather Falls………..$33 (Not Available)

Kit with Nylon Falls…………..$24