Welcome To Noreast Whips


Welcome to Noreast Whips, The Frontline in Synthetic Whipmaking. Noreast Whips specializes in custom-made nylon bullwhips, snakewhips, stockwhips & special orders for ranchers, performers & enthusiasts alike. These whips are built using 450, 550 & 650 series nylon paracord, as well as polyester paracord, which will not rot or mildew, and is nearly impervious to inclement weather. People from all over the world, 29 countries and counting, use & enjoy our well-crafted whips. 

Why Buy Nylon?

When many people think of  a whip, the image of a tightly braided leather snake-like object comes to mind. Traditional whips are made of leather, yet synthetic materials have become a popular alternative in the past few decades, and maybe even more so in the last several years. Cattlemen in the southern US started using nylon paracord in place of leather because of its versatility. It’s advantageous for use in humid climates, weathering rain & snow.  These conditions can be hard on leather whips, requiring extra care in maintaining their function. Though nylon whips aren’t completely maintenance-free, they don’t require as much attention as leather whips. In this way, nylon whips help complement leather whips. In recent years, 550 paracord has also been made available with a polyester outer sheath. The poly material has shown its resistance to moisture & heat to be comparable to nylon, perhaps even surpassing its nylon counterpart.
Over the years, nylon whips have been both praised and condemned by many in the whip enthusiast crowd. Some love them for their cheaper price tag and ability to use in inclement weather. Others have complained of the “plastic feeling” of nylon whips, or the looseness in the integral transition to thong area in a bullwhip. Whatever your feeling may be, we have endeavored to build solid, affordable nylon whips. The transition area in our bullwhips is specially bolstered and bound with a process we call “sheathing.” This process is unique to Noreast Whips.
If you’re thinking about getting a whip & aren’t sure whether it’s something that you’ll ultimately enjoy, then buying a nylon whip is the smart way to go. There are several reputable nylon whipmakers in the US today, but we hope you’ll take a look at what Noreast Whips has to offer & consider purchasing from us. We’ve built over 1000 whips to date & ship worldwide.
Although Noreast Whips focuses primarily on building nylon & polyester whips, we do also construct leather whips from time to time, both cowhide & kangaroo. They can be seen in the Off The Shelf category.